Pedagogic (Andragogic) Activities

We share activities that can contribute in gaining more pedagogic knowledge to improve design education. 

Design for X 교과목 (2023-1)

사회혁신교육 공모전 우수상 수상 (오창도, 문성은, 황민 학생)

일상생활에서 모은 에너지로 가든을 만든다고? 나도 모르게 일상생활에서 에너지 채집기로 에너지를 채집하고, 수경 재배기로 식물을 키우는 Moaden을 소개합니다!  

가구 생활용품 디자인 교과목 (2022-2)

사회혁신역량 교과목 영상 공모전 최우수상 수상 (조예찬 학생)

섬유 fiber 를 재활용하여 가구디자인을 진행해 봤습니다. 참여한 학생 조예찬 학생이 연세대 사회혁신역량 교과목 영상 공모전에 출품하여 최우수상을 수상하였습니다. 축하합니다. 

Sustainability by Crowd - Using crowd research technique for making a more sustainable campus

Finalist - EAUC Green Gown Awards (Next Generation Learning and Skills category)

Project Lead: Dr Daniel (Hyunjae) Shin

‘Crowd Research’ is a crowdsourcing technique for coordinating a large group of people in an open-ended research exploration. This technique instigates synchronous collaborations, peer-learning, mobility, and efficient use of time in research.  

The Crowds are gathered to conduct a complete cycle of research in a single day to propose solutions to increase the awareness of campus recycling. We use the power of the crowd, with participants pooling their collective efforts and research findings, to investigate common recycling problems on the university campus. Active participation in the event, producing research data, and observing a flourishing collaborative approach to research is an innovative way of enhancing learning and demonstrates a unique way of increasing sustainability performance within HE environment. 

Modules teach: