PLEY (Promoting Longer-term Exercise for Youth)

The impact of Corona has dramatically changed the way we live everyday and people are suffering from sedentary behaviour, i.e. reduction of physical activity and increased screen time. This project seeks for design solution to increase the physical activity and encourage responsible screen watching behaviour for youth, especially in the domestic environment. 

SEC4C (Sustainable Energy Consumption 4 Citizens)

Energy consumption is invisible. Our life style heavily depends on the use of electricity and its consumptions are increasing every year. The price of electricity can be perceived as affordable or cheap; however, we must consider all the carbon emissions and environmental impacts of supplying electricity to households. The project seeks to design a most efficient energy monitor device for citizens to practice a sustainable energy consuming behaviour. 


The food supply, which is crucial to human life, can be severely disrupted by catastrophic global warming and climate change. This project aims to design a hydroponic system that is entirely self-powered, suitable for both household and commercial use. The project's name, Osiris, refers to the ancient Egyptian god of abundance, agriculture, life, and vegetation. Its ultimate goals include realising sustainable energy use and creating a hydrophonic device for a reliable food supply for people.

FEEV (Feedback Evaluation for Emergency Vehicles)

Do citizens comply with sirens and warning light used by emergency vehicles? How can we increase its effectiveness? 

The project seeks to evaluate the understanding of public perception against the use of siren and warning lights for emergency vehicles. How their use feedback to public? 

AirQcy (Air Quality for Cyclist)

Many cities are encouraging citizens to commute using bicycle but available routes are not as safe and healthy as we imagine. This project investigates to collect data around bicycle commuters to design a solution that provide safer and healthier bicycle routes.

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